Remodel AI Releases Second AI model (2.0) For Interior and Exterior Remodels

This model has several benefits and improves several things based on user feedback.

1) This model produces higher resolution images, and future version of the app will increase the size of images.

2) This model has more variation. Many users commented that some styles, especially styles like modern, lacked variability from image to image. For example, the old AI model consistently produced very similar white themed modern styles. The new model should have much more variation from image to image, including more colors and different materials.

3) The new model has better text understanding. The old model tended to suffer from “color bleeding” so if you said “modern kitchen, navy blue cabinets” it would sometimes make the floor blue and refrigerator blue also. The new model has a better text understanding so saying things like “a beautiful modern kitchen, navy blue cabinets, white granite countertops, stainless steel refrigerator and oven” is more likely to produce the correct results. This allows for far more creativity in the custom styling so that you can further narrow down on exactly the style you want.

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