New Landscaping AI and Editor on The Remodel AI App

We’re happy to announce a new landscaping AI and landscaping editor in both the iOS and android apps!

Many users have been requesting more capabilities for exterior remodels, so we’re happy to provide this landscaping specific tool to assist with visualizing new landscaping.

It works very similarly to some of the other tools. Simply choose a starting photo, then paint (mask) the area you wish to replace with new landscaping.

Finally select the desired style of landscaping and press generate. There are several popular landscaping styles preconfigured, but custom styles are also possible using the “Custom Style” prompts.

Current the AI model knows these preconfigured landscaping styles:

  • California Native
  • Coastal
  • Desert
  • English Garden
  • French
  • Japanese Garden
  • Mediterranean
  • Southwest
  • Spanish
  • Tropical
  • Tuscan
  • Woodland
  • Xeriscape

If you have other styles you’d like to see please jump in our discord and let us know!

A few tips:

  1. This tool easily combines with the existing tools, so you can do a full exterior remodel and then explore new types of landscaping or vice versa
  2. You can repeat this process as many times as you like. If you like 90% of the landscaping, just save the image, and then try to “re-landscape” the 10% you didn’t like.
  3. Make sure when masking that you cover all the areas you’d like to see changed. The remainder of the image will serve as context for the AI to make a sensible image. If you leave a tropical plant unmasked and request the AI to do desert landscaping, it may struggle as the AI knows that tropical plants don’t do well in desert landscapes and the image is a bit.

Hopefully that helps with your remodel adventures. Don’t forget to join our discord or contact us with feedback!